Ade Returns to Australia

Arriving back in Sydney, had to find a life for myself again.. Home, Job, activities... some of the things I have done since returning to Aus......

me up rope

Climbing and Tarting around in the Blue Mountains..

doris canyon

Canyoning Dorris Creek.... Kanaranga Boyd NP

fishing Sydney harbour

Fishing in Sydney Harbour

Sea Kayaking St Catherines Hill Bay

Kayaking in the killer Surf.... Very Very Scary

Sailing Sydney Harbour

Sailing on Sydney Harbour..

Sunset Sydney Harbour

A Sydney Sunset taken from a yacht on the Harbour

me on the great ocean road

Me at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

me caving at wee jasper

Caving at Wee Jasper Caves....

sailing at Pittwater

Sailing at Pittater just North of Sydney

me the Aussie bloke

Aussie Ade of to a Barbie with a Slab of beer and a back full of Fish and Steak

fishing xmas day

Christmas 98 fishing on the South Coast. Like the Hat...?

xmas dinner

Merry Christmas..... Cheers

canoeing on myall lakes

Conoeing on Myall Lakes.. Taking it nice and easy...


Camping while Canyoning Dorris Creek.... Kanaranga Boyd NP

An great year and a bit in Aus. I always planned to return to Wales for the Rugby World Cup in Oct. My contract ended in Easter, and I decided that I had another big trip to do. So I left Aus for another overland trip home.

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